Same but different – Podcasts around Asia

Guang Jin Yeo,  the founder of 1 Up Media, recently shared his insights on the burgeoning podcast scene in Asia. He underscored the prime opportunity to venture into podcasting due to the remarkably high listenership percentages for both radio and podcasts in the region. According to the data, Japan has the lowest listenership figures across radio (10%), podcasts (4%), and audiobooks (7%), while Indonesia shines as the standout leader with a staggering 40% of the population engaged in podcast consumption. Additionally, Vietnam demonstrates a robust affinity for audiobooks, boasting a substantial 24% listenership, which is twice the rate found in the United States (12%).

The Success Story of Indonesia

So, what drives Indonesia’s exceptional podcasting statistics? The answer lies in a phenomenon akin to the “Serial” inflection point. Indonesia is experiencing a rapid surge in technological advancements, widespread internet penetration, and the active involvement of major platforms such as Spotify and TikTok. However, one cannot overlook the pivotal role played by “Rintek Sedu,” a podcast that translates to “sobs in light rain” or “drops of sadness.” “Rintek Sedu” has risen to become the most-streamed solo-hosted podcast in the country. Its success can be attributed to its alignment with the trends of its time, and its style has inspired numerous creators in Indonesia, attracting a growing audience.

The Vietnamese Passion for Audiobooks

In the case of Vietnam’s remarkable penchant for audiobooks, it reflects their deep interest in educational content. Vietnamese culture places significant emphasis on learning, and this passion has seamlessly extended into the realm of podcasts. Vietnamese listeners exhibit a particular fondness for meticulously scripted audiobooks, savouring content that enriches their knowledge and intellect.

In closing, as the podcasting landscape continues to evolve across Asia, the imperative for industry players is to delve deeper, expand their reach wider, and strive harder to unlock the untapped potential of the next billion creators within this dynamic region.

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