Radiodays Asia is Open!

Welcome back Radiodays Asia 2022 Anders Held, Founder of Radiodays Asia opened Radiodays Asia 2022 by saying that radio is such a unique experience and we are happy to be together again to talk about radio, audio and podcasting once more. He thanked our new partners Radio Asia and the Asia Broadcasting Union. The next speaker in the Opening was from the ABU Dr Javad Mottaghi. He focused on the diversity in all aspects of the work of the ABU and it’s members who are at every stage in the radio journey. He said what has been learned in the ABU is that our industry must understand diversity and focus on commonalities. This is about trying to analyse the differences not bridging the gap but changing the challenges into opportunities for everyone in the radio business. Radio can reach the audience directly and we must continue to focus on connecting with as big an audience as possible. He told the audience that radio is getting strong, faster, better because it is reaching the public. We as an industry need to promote and respect diversity and create understanding in a world of crisis and conflict there is no medium better than radio to do this. Radiodays Asia runs for two days 6-7 September 2022, with over 300 people attending in-person and online this is still the event for the radio, audio, podcast industry in Asia.  It’s still possible to register for Radiodays Asia online and to watch all the sessions on Catch Up after the event. 

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