The Connections between Listeners & Presenters is the Magic of Radio

The Power of Radio session from Duncan Campbell, CCO, ARN, Australia was only audio because we are audio!  Duncan spoke about radio and the emotional connections which radio can make. He went on to describe a very specific case of how radio can make a an emotional connection through stories, content, listeners. “Live and local radio can build new listeners, there is no other medium that can!” Radio is not a distribution platform it’s about content. Duncan also noted that we need to look at the numbers of radio listening, radio is under stress but look at the competition mainly with younger audiences. He dived into why radio is declining with younger listeners, he felt it was all about time. The time you have at different ages in your life changes but radio can provide for listeners at all ages.  “People look for a place for music, news, entertainment from people they love – that’s radio” He spoke at length about radio and what keeps radio relevant today – “Radio won’t die from Spotify and YouTube if you think this you don’t understand what makes radio so powerful”. The key to the connection is the personalities on the radio that audiences listen to every day. Duncan ended by saying that, the connections that people have with presenters is very real and is part of the magic of what radio really is.

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