Yes we made it

Abe Thomas, CEO, Big FM opened by saying this is his third time at Radiodays Asia and he is so happy to be at this event. Abe said, there have been big changes where people consume audio although radio’s biggest strength is connections and building communities. He felt in terms of strategy we need to make the content available where we want it to be. Also, now radio stations can’t have the tech teams and the creatives teams in different rooms they need to be together. Abe also said that all communication must have a relevant audience experience he felt that today brands realise and insist on this, they now want their values have to be at the heart of storytelling. Audio is more than just sound, music and ads brands are now using technology to create immersive sight and sound, the possibilities are endless. Coming from India Culture is also about creating immersive content and deeper personalisation based on culture. “This is what technology allows us to do”. He said that now radio stations clients are looking for solutions, the radio pie is shrinking so the industry has to work harder and smarter and the industry needs ideas that go beyond radio. Abe discussed in-depth the strategy of Big FM which covers 19 languages, engaging content for local markets – Audio is at the centre of the strategy for Big FM. He spoke about some of the initatives within Big FM;  Big Live is a focus with events online – customised events for clients, Social commerce, podcasts and the 300 podcasts being created, Smart speaker initiatives, Big Boom Box a client based ideas centre churning out ideas. Finally how Big FM announces all of their strategy  on the Metaverse – events can be created in the Metaverse for clients also. He ended by saying “Collaborate. Collaborate. Collaborate. Media is a hugely fragmented market, it’s important for everyone to collaborate and evangelise the power of radio and audio”.

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