Radio Love is in the air for Advertisers with Ralf van Dijk

Ralf van Dijk is a legend at Radiodays events, his wise words are worth a listen for anyone creating adverts for radio or podcasts or any media for that matter.  At Radiodays Asia 2022 Ralf focused on how advertisers and broadcasters alike must make content that listeners love and to do this make sure “The listener is the central character in adverts is important in engaging the listeners”.  You also need to ensure that engaging listeners is important as “5% increase in customer retention can boost profit by up to 95%”. One point Ralf made which all stations should take note of is the need to make the advert fit with the style of the station “We should take ownership of the promotions running on our stations”, to ensure that adverts don’t sound dated or lose the audience due to bad voice overs or a lack of innovative style.  A theme that ran throughout the presentation was emotion and connecting to the listener, why this is important is due to the fact that “75% of consumers make purchasing decision on emotion – customers will recommend brands they are emotionally connected to”. Ralf showed many example of how music can influence within advertising he said everyone can relate to songs which have a profound effect on everyone, advertisers can use this to inspire and motive people. One campaign where this can be seen is in personalised music to help performance or Performance enhancing music. Ralf described how a campaign on Performance enhanced music shows the real power of music – There were many good examples of how to make your advert more relatable, you have to make your audio brand voice loved.

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