Authenticity, love and the listeners are at the heart of the BBC Global News Podcast

BBC Global Podcast From small beginnings the Global News Podcast has grown into a hugely successful Podcast today. Over time the podcast built a loyal audience. Why would people want to listen to ‘old’ news however it really does work, it’s useful as people are overwhelmed by the constant stream of news and it’s difficult to understand what is actually going on, you can choose when and what you want to listen to the news. Now the podcast is created from original content plus from content from the other platforms of the BBC. The news has to be geographically diverse and content diverse with light and shade it has to have a texture and rhythm. The BBC World Service sends content through to the podcast as scoops plus BBC Monitoring has emerging content in many languages which is a huge opportunity to inform listeners. The strategy is to ensure there is the inspirational as well as heavy, plus the team produces ‘specials’ on stories that are important enough to have their own podcasts – listeners questions within these podcasts are very important. These do not usurp the news podcasts but compliment them. Authenticity, love and the listeners are at the heart of this podcast. BBC correspondents are really important to give the podcast authenticity. Regularity is important, twice per day and once on the weekend, this is crucial as audiences build it into their lives, you have to make sure the podcast works for the audience. The podcast Editor tries to speak to the audience, mainly contact is through email, she answers every email. Complaints show that listeners are invested in the podcast, they tell the podcast they are listening. Audiences want to be involved. Audiences are curious about the world, how the world sees them, they want to be ‘news fluent’ and be part of the conversation with their peers.

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