When performing digital change it’s also important to consider people and cultures

John Kelly COO of Southern Cross Austero, Australia has three important strategies for digital transformations.  He opened his presentation at Radiodays Asia by talking about content and the move from the move from the unknown to the known an how this can impact stations. He spoke about distribution and about rewarding outcomes & investing in people and their capabilities during these digital transformation. Finally he said monetisation was a key part of any transformation.  John went on to discuss the philosophy of local podcast first vs an international podcast. He said that communities love stories and Australians especially love to engage with local stories and entertainment. He also said the old adage that “if content is queen then distribution is king’ and getting your distribution right is just as important as the content.  When performing digital change it’s also important to consider people and cultures, you need to get buy in – clear pathways for people to come in and step up. Culture very much dictates transformation and how they happen.  John also focused on driving digital audio revenues, you have to remember audio is the companion of the masses, it is used for education to raise awareness through education for revenue. The fundamentals of transformation including marketing and branding, maintain heritage names, do not flood the markets, vertically align and enable simplified audience growth. Finally, partnerships without local and international partners are critical, partners have been a key member to get radio up to scale but there needs to be a focus on content quality.

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