Social Media is life but it’s not everything

Want to know more about social for your station or podcast? Arielle Nissenblatt. Community Manager at has some key points, reminders and key insights of what you need to do!  You need to be live and regular!  You need to be active and make your content relevant.  Social media isn’t everything, scrolling is a thing – many people don’t want to be taken off social media to listen to a podcast so don’t take them away.  You have to be discerning when it comes to social media and be concise and consistent. Social has to be the same as your podcast. This can be really difficult when posting other peoples content.  People on social judge your podcast – so it’s important to get this right.  Social should give everyone using it value, you want to provide value but not trying to make a sale. If you have something to teach your community, you should absolutely make it into a thread or Tiktok plus different language is needed for each platform.  Follow other people within your niche, you need to follow a whole range of followers, you need to agree, disagree.  Always give more than you expect to receive, tweet kind words. Don’t always send people to a specific platform, send them to your website or a place where people can choose where they can listen. This means if they are not on social then it makes it easier and you don’t lose people.  Consistently, transparent and seasonality – you can change things just explain why.  Social media can be powerful but… Check who is actually using social, when in doubt pump someone up! 

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