Radiodays Asia Team @ The India Radio Festival 2020!

  World Radio Day was celebrated by the Radiodays Asia team in Delhi at the Radio Festival India, a Radiodays Asia partner. 600+ people attended the festival, now in its 3rd year, growing year by year. It brings together all branches of radio, commercial, public and community radio, as well as the new Indian podcast scene. ‘We have broken the silos. We are all one’, said the founder Archana Kapoor, who is the also Director of Radio Mewat, and was a hugely popular speaker at Radiodays Asia 2019. The Radio Festival India is a colourful event at Indira Gandhi Cultre Centre for Arts, celebrating radio in all its forms, with panels and discussions, live music and poetry, as well as live broadcasts. The Head of the AIR, the public broadcaster and the some of the CEOs of the commercial radio networks attended showing their joint support for this important conference on radio. Anders Held and Steve Ahern from Radiodays Asia were hosting a panel with radio stations from the Maldives, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan. This multi-country panel showed the power radio continues to hold in the world.  Both partcipated in a second panel discussion about the future of radio with key people from the Indian raido industry. Discussions underlined the importance of radio, giving the mike to so many voices and connecting people with information and entertainment, in their own local language. Follow what the participants said using #TRF2020! Read more from Steve Ahern on the sessions at The Radio Festival here!

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