Session Spotlight: Common mistakes podcasters make in their first 5 years

Podbean’s Norma Jean Belenky helps us navigate pitfalls and avoid mistakes.

Serving as Podbean’s Head of Events, Norma Jean produces Podbean’s virtual events and hosts, produces Podbean’s official podcast, Podcasting Smarter and supports Podbean’s enterprise and internal podcast customers in APAC.

Her session at Podcast Day Asia (part of Radiodays Asia) will be on the mistakes people often make that can be avoided.  Norma Jean will be giving advice on what you can do to make your podcast, or podcast network, more successful.  She will identify key areas for improvement as well as important areas that shouldn’t be overlooked.

If you are just starting out on your podcasting journey, Norma Jean Belenky’s session will be vital to your growth, and if you are a seasoned podcaster or have a range of podcasts in your network you can identify key areas for improvement – often with little effort.

Norma Jean Belenky is a creative entrepreneur whose career has encompassed media, events, podcasting, marketing & social media, business development, project management, health & wellness, and the arts.  She specializes in event management, creative business strategy and start-ups, project management, business development, branding, marketing, and product development.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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