Session Spotlight: The success story of CADA

CADA is the success story of 2023.  A youth brand, anchored in RnB and Hip Hop, but this isn’t a radio station just about the music, it’s also all about the culture surrounding the music; food, fashion and sport too and reaching a reaching a significant amount of people through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Having successfully launched CADA in Australia last year, Emily Copeland will be joining us at Radiodays Asia to reflect on the challenges and opportunities that come with catering to a young audience overlooked by traditional media. She will also discuss the insights which led to CADA being created as a multi-platform offering with a diverse line-up of talent who are shaping music culture, rather than traditional radio broadcasters. Make sure you attend her session CADA: Building a new multi-platform audio brand for youth.

Emily told Radio Today Australia:

“Everything we’ve done has been non-traditional.  We realised there was a massive opportunity for us to connect young audiences with content that is culturally relevant, and also represented a diverse viewpoint, in terms of the kind of people that are speaking about the culture, and the kind of music they’re talking about.

She continued that they are now looking at all the ways they can allow brands into the ‘CADAverse’ for the 18-29 year old audience.

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