Session Spotlight: Valerie Geller tells us never to be boring!

As one of the most influential women in radio, according to Radio Ink, it’s a good idea to listen when Valerie gives you advice!  So make sure you come to her keynote session Creating powerful radio – and beyond!

The author of 5 books (published in 9 languages) on and around the subject of creating great audio, we are delighted to welcome her to Radiodays Asia.  As an international audio coach Valerie gives sound advice on how be a great communicator in the radio, podcasting and audio world and she will be delivering some of that great advice at Radiodays Asia this year, demonstrating what it takes to be a great communicator and to connect with your audiences in a way that makes listeners stay and come back for more.

If you are interested in growing your audience, your profit, or to find out more about what audiences want from your content, then make sure you attend this session.

Valerie said her session will be all about how you:

“Tell the truth, make it MATTER and never be boring!!!”

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