The radio network can turbo-charge what you do in the digital spac

Digital sales mastery with Jamie Wood, QLD Sales Director of oOh! Media, Australia.  Jamie spoke to Radiodays Asia today about thinking differently about digital, selling with confidence, looking for easy wins and more. Selling digital media is hard in a competitive market place, with digital savvy customers in a shifting space. You have to find your own unique selling points, “bringing simplicity to the complex is the secret to digital success”. Look at brands, talent, content and ecosystem – so the things you do best in radio. You must sell with confidence, what does the audience want? Jamie gave specific examples of where and when you can hit with listeners on digital. Throughout the day radio has digital touch points. Think strategically about the audience, what do you want the audience to do go to a podcast or drive time? Does this create a richer experience and can you tell stories across platforms? What’s an easy win, brainstorm with the whole team. Jamie gave a list of questions to ask your team, watch the session to find out what these question are and how they can help with your digital campaigns. There are certain standards such as on-air promotions but on top of this social videos, social posts, client newsletters, display advertising, competition promos at the start of a podcast – all things that have value as digital assets. Jamie broke down show sponsorships and how the show and the brand can interact with the audience. Where are the touch points in the social space, there could just be one or two that could have monetary value. What are the KPI’s when evaluating digital, this depends on what you want from the platform. Jamie went through some potential KPIs. “The radio network can turbo-charge what you do in the digital space and the advantage you have!” Jamie Wood Keep it simple was the main message Jamie gave the audience of Radiodays Asia when planning your digital media sales.

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