Top ratings and more attendees at Radiodays Asia Virtual 2021

The second edition of Radiodays Asia went ahead as a virtual online event on 24-26 March 2021 and was a huge success. The rating by attendees was on average 4,25 on a 1-5 scale. 87% gave the event a 4 or a 5, where 5 is the best possible rating; “very good”. They especially praised the content and speakers, but also gave the technical production a high mark. “First time I attended, will bring many more from my station next time!” was one of the comments in the participant survey. Another one said “It was great, but can´t wait to meet people at a live event again soon”. The number of participants also increased. From 300 from 30 countries at the first edition of Radiodays Asia in Kuala Lumpur in 2019 to 400 participants from 40 countries in 2021. The countries with most participants were Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, China, India, and Japan. Not only did more participants attend this year, Radiodays Asia also saw a growth in commercial partnerships and sponsoring businesses taking part in the virtual exhibition, as well as a number of broadcaster organisations from India, Australia and New Zealand signing up as new supporting partners. Anders Held, Founder and Project Director of Radiodays Asia says: “We are happy that the event got such a high appreciation rating, as high as got also at the first live Radiodays Asia in KL. There obviously is a need for a high quality radio and podcasting event like this. With attendee numbers up and more sponsors and supporting organisations, we are looking forward to organise the next Radiodays Asia in Kuala Lumpur as soon as meetings and travels are safe again”.

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