Radio Plus- Increase revenue by focusing on outcomes instead of output

Brands seek to meet at the intersection with consumers. This intersection of content, community, and commerce ensures the brand connects with consumers of the right profile and mindset, Abe Thomas said.

India’s current market has 80% of its revenue sourcing from radio music curation, stationality, and music IP’s. However, India has expanded into other mediums. Among which include BIG podcasts which are sectorial client led. Radio must be used to amplify and redirect attention towards this content. Secondly, BIG Cohorts such as BIGfm’s Slay Nation which targets the Generation Z on ground. Moreover, Street Connection which is a weekly on-ground showcasing different experiences according to their target audiences. Thirdly, gamification where non-gaming content is gamified. For example, the biggest Bollywood radio show is now being transformed into a web game. Fourth, BIG IP’s that are monetizable and scalable across multiple markets. Fifth, the BIG ConTech which includes sonic branding, ASMR versions of shows, and AI driven shows. Sixth, BIG Partnerships which are commercial and tied to more than 25 platforms. 

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