Sven Zimmermann




For any Format, User or Platform

MusicMaster Scheduling is a flexible, intuitive and open music scheduling system to create the most competitive mix of entertainment. Our global client base includes web streams, terrestrial and satellite radio, in-store audio, music television, syndicated networks, national broadcast groups, non-linear audio portals and more.

Empowering Curation, Automation and Integration

MusicMaster’s highly scalable design, a customizable database and the intuitive user interface are the cornerstones of its success. Being developed in full collaboration with our clients, MusicMaster “thinks” like you do, getting your ideas on the air. In the back, MusicMaster easily interfaces with your other systems, such as playout, traffic, research, and media libraries. And many of them make use of MusicMaster’s open real-time integration capabilities to add powerful joint-functionality.

Building a global Family

For nearly 40 years, we’ve been advancing the art and science of music scheduling. With our unique flexibility and leading development MusicMaster is the right choice for you. Based in Berlin, Germany, MusicMaster’s international distributor ON AIR is at your service on-site alongside with its network of local partners, building the global MusicMaster family with you. Come aboard!